Top Reasons to Engage a Digital Marketing Company in Singapore

If you say YES for any of the scenarios below, then you definitely need a Digital Marketing Company to help your business.
  •  Your company website does not have good traffic and does not bring sales?
  •  You want to expand your business overseas but don’t know how to have Ads on the internet?
  •  Not happy with the results from your in-house Digital Advertisement campaign?
  •  Not sure how to plan the effective campaign to generate quality leads at low cost?
  • Want to increase the number of sales enquiries?
Many companies are now focusing on Digital Marketing to increase their sales, web-traffic or to do branding. On 25th August 2017, TODAY newspaper has announced their plans to go fully digital. Click here to read in-depth on the entire journey from a print publication to a purely digital one.

So what is a digital marketing company?

Digital Marketing Companies are fully equipped and have skilled professionals in various aspects of digital marketing. Through paid/unpaid methods, Digital Marketing Companies can help in key aspects of your company’s goals. Branding, Engagement, Awareness, increase in Sales, maintaining your online presence are just some of the things a digital marketing company can do for you.

Not convinced?

Here are other reasons why a Digital Marketing Company like #Archerfish can give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Analysing your competitors


We can not only plan for your company’s online promotion, but also study your competitor’s strategy and help you identify their strengths and weaknesses in their digital marketing efforts.

Optimising and driving ROI

With much experience in the various paid digital advertising platforms, there is less testing for your campaigns. ROIs can be delivered with less wastage of resources.

Increase sales & traffic in overseas market


Advertising digitally allows for highly targeted ads to reach your desired audience. If you are looking to expand overseas, and do not have a representative office out there, digital marketing is the way to go. All campaigns can be ran from home ground without the need to set up banks or meet up with vendors.

Certified & well experienced


Most of the employees in a digital marketing company are Certified Professionals for various advertisement platforms. For example, all our marketers in #Archerfish are Google Certified. Our professionals can plan the right strategy and use the right tools for your company’s goals.

Value for money


Optimization and content creation takes a lot of time and effort on your marketing team. Hiring digital marketers full time will definitely cost you more than our retainer fees. Engaging #Archerfish on retainer will give your company access to not just one person, but our team of experts on all your campaigns.
No matter how big or small your company or organisation is, digital presence is must to sustain or grow. Contact #Archerfish today for a free Digital Marketing consultation. We are certain that we are able to deliver your goals and grow your revenue.

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