Building a Digital Identity for an offline business

AboutThe Client

G-DYNA Pte Ltd is a local SME dealing with import/export and retail of household essentials.

With one traditional brick-and-motar store, Gdyna Pte Ltd relied on 3rd-party e-commerce platforms like Qoo10 and Shoppee for their online sales.

The Issues

No Corporate Website

G-DYNA’s only digital presence was their Facebook page

No Branding

G-DYNA had no corporate identity which hinders brand awareness and recall

Reliance On 3rd Party
E-commerce Sites

Margin was heavily eroded when G-DYNA made online sales through a 3rd party

Limited Digital Marketing Activities

Without digital marketing, G-DYNA was missing out on a large online customer segment of young bargain hunters

The Solutions

The solutions was to develop their own online shopping platform and take away their reliance on 3rd parties. G-DYNA partnered with Archerfish to develop their online store and also execute a digital marketing strategy that will drive online users to the new e-store.

Step 1 – Product Development

We developed a e-commerce website that is responsive across all devices and centered around conversions. The sales process is user-friendly and designed effectively to reduce dropouts.

A logo was also designed for GDYNA to start building their brand online.

Step 2 – Digital Marketing

Acquisition campaigns on Google and Facebook was setup in order to drive relevant traffic to GDYNA’s new website. Furthermore, activation campaigns via display retargeting have been managed to enable conversions of online purchases directly.

The Results

e-Commerce website created with:

  • integrated e-Commerce and Content Management System
  • Flexibility in add/remove/edit categories and product pages
  • Customisable promotion code during checkout
  • 100% Responsiveness across devices


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