Generating Sales Through Facebook Campaigns

AboutThe Client

De Bedding Affairs Pte Ltd – One-stop shop for bedding needs

With a store located in an industrial building far from any shopping belts, De Bedding Affairs needed a targetted marketing solution to attract footfall to their store.

The Issues

No Website

DBA’s only digital presence was their Facebook page

Less ideal store location

DBA’s physical store is in an industrial building with little walk-in traffic

Lack of Marketing Efforts

DBA did not engage in outreach efforts to grow brand awareness or drive footfall

The Solutions

The main objective was to drive online leads and footfall to their store. DBA’s product pricing was competitive. As the store was not in a popular shopping area, a highly targeted digital campaign on Facebook was proposed to attract bargain hunters that are willing to travel to get good deals.

Step 1 – Marketing Audit

Archerfish conducted an audit on DBA’s product offerings and unique selling points. Basic market reasearch was done to access the price competitiveness.

Step 2 – Ad Copywriting and Design

After the marketing audit, Archerfish has identified the ideal target segment to push promotional messages to. With the ideal segment in mind, ads were designed specifically to appeal to them. Ad copies also included call-to-actions to encourage footfall to store or call-ins.

Step 3 – Social Media Marketing

A digital campaign was proposed and launched with ads on Facebook with detailed interest, demographic targeting and location targeting.

The Results

Facebook 4-Image Campaign



Leads Generated




Increase in page likes


Low cost-per-engagement

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