Daily Budget Flexibility update by Google

Daily Budget Flexibility update by Google

The new update by Google on 4 Oct 2017 help us to spend the money that we desire. Now spend two times the avg. per day amount to accomplish the set goal or objective such as a number of clicks and conversions.

Everyday the number of clicks, impressions, and traffic varies on Google, we never know which day we will get more clicks or low clicks. Many days we spend more money than our set daily budget and some days we spend less due to low searches. According to this new update, the Adwords system will adjust our spending and will show our ads more time when there is a high traffic or searches if we had fewer searches or our ads were not appearing in the past days etc.

Overdelivery and our daily budget.

As covered above that many days we have less spending than our targeted daily budget and other days we have higher spending. For that campaign who’s billing cycle is 30 days or more, now no need to worry about the extra charges because we will not be charged as before. Here below is more insights: –

According to the Google, the daily budget is multiplied by the average number 30.4 (365 days/12 months = 30.417). So system knows that what our daily budget is over the course of the month.

Let’s understand this in a more easy way with an example.

We set the daily budget $10 and our billing cycle is one month or 30 days. While the campaign is running we can see that someday our spending is $5 or some days its $15 means more than our daily budget or less than our daily budget.

Now, The best thing about this new update is that whatever daily budget we have set that will be multiplied by 30.4 and our spending will not exceed  which means according to $10 daily budget our fixed 30 days spending will be $10×30.4 = $304.

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